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business design

A business system includes its information, processes, technology and people. Design is an underlying scheme that governs functioning and developing. Business designers must understand business strategy, business process engineering, financial management, information technology and human resources.

Lunartis proposes strategic plans that are actionable within the context of business structure and culture, and optimize the value of the human, intellectual and material capital. We facilitate the generation of new business ideas and concepts that provide analysis and identification of competitive advantage, the design of organizational architecture & management structure, and the management of the transition process.

Lunartis provides a blueprint for your established enterprise to capture "trapped" business value while positioning for innovation and growth:

  • Lower operating costs by reinventing company-wide and unit-specific value chains, processes, IT applications, and business functions.
  • Update your business model to embrace leading practices and technologies.
  • Create value by leveraging company-wide and unit-specific capabilities, assets and relationships.
  • Position your firm to capitalize on future strategic opportunities through focus and flexibility.

Let's work together to make information valuable and the markets profitable for your business!


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