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With their survival at stake, organizations are increasingly thinking and operating strategically. Market information and strategic planning are fundamentally interconnected, and information systems create a critical link between these two elements.

Today, strategic information systems are instrumental in an organization's achievement of its competitive or other strategic objectives.

Lunartis provides you with techniques and know-how to building up information intelligence systems, information research systems as well as information decision support systems, allowing your company to reach its ambitious goals.

That's why Lunartis aims at three objectives for your organization: Make knowledge visible; build knowledge intensity, and develop a knowledge culture.

We help you to answer the following questions:

  • What kinds of knowledge transfer take place in the company?
  • Where is this knowledge generated?
  • Who makes use of the knowledge and for what purposes?
  • Which knowledge is most important and in what ways?
  • How does knowledge transfer take place, and how can it be intensified?
  • Do different objectives of different parts of the company affect the transfer of knowledge, and with what solutions can the knowledge process be optimized?

Let's work together to make information valuable and the markets profitable for your business!


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